Frequently Asked Questions

Q: John, how much?

A: Email me for a quote, please include pertinent details - I will get back to you within 24 hours

Q: Wow! Are you really related to Sir Sean?

A: Of course - but it goes back a bit, well, rather a lot - actually.

Q: Do you do repairs and regular (stock) type paint too?

A: Yes of course, but on motorcycles, we are experts at repair and color match.

Q: I see you do online estimates for motorcycles - what about my car?

A: I am set up for painting parts only - so I can paint a car in parts - but we are not an auto body shop, I do not have a drive in setup for car touch-ups.

Q: How long does it take to do a complete motorcycle?

A: Usually 2 - 3 weeks unless we are very busy (like in the Spring)

Q: Do you warranty your work?

A: Of course, I use the best materials money can buy and use them properly. It has paid off - I often run into our old customers who have had the same paint and still looking great - even after 30 years!

Q: If I prep it myself - can I save some money?

A: Short answer - no, usually this results in it costing more as we use different (better) materials than you can access or use properly. We cannot guarantee the job unless we do it start to finish. We do not try and do your day job - please don't try and do ours.

Q: I need my bike taken apart - is that included?

A: No - but I can refer you to an experienced motorcycle mechanic who will do this and store you bike and re-install your parts after for a reasonable rate (and no scratches!).

Q: Saw a killer paint job on-line - can you match it?

A: Usually - we will probably put our own spin on it but this actually is a big help as we then know what you are looking for.